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Chainsaw Man

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Chainsaw man

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto is now finally made it way to enter in anime world. Chainsaw man anime adaptaion is going to be release in mid or late August 2022. However episode details are yet to be disclosed. Mappa Studio took the reponsiblilty to give it anime adaptation.

Will Mappa be able to make Chainsaw man great anime.

fan poster of chainsaw man
fan poster of chainsaw man

MAPPA is a Japanese animation studio founded by Masao Maruyama in June 2014, and if we look into thier work. This is the same Studio which delivered us some great anime like Attack of Titan Final, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dororo , Attack of titan final part 2, The god of highschool and Dorohedoro. So according to their track record we make take an assumution that chain saw man will come up good as an anime.

Is Chainsaw Man a horror anime?

Chainsaw man is going to be an action anime with some comedy horror, So you will surely not going to be disappointed if you are searching for horror in this show, but the main element which gives this anime a five start is its dark fantasy. Full on blood, Gore and profanity. No mercy will be shown when character move on a hunt of other character. This anime wills surely delivers you the excitement and thrill which doesn’t let you take your eyes away from it. So, you must be wondering why am I given such positive vibes before the show has been released, it’s because of its story which took manga read by the storm.

Why is Chainsaw Man so hype?

After the trailer drop on Mappa Studio’s official youtube channel in (27th June 2022 ) just one day the Trailer got 13 (thirteen) million views. which is almost a record breaking for anime hype. If we compare it with Attack of titan trailer that trailed took 7 hours to complete the 1 million Views, but for chainsaw man it took only 4 hours break the Mappa’s AOT record.

The Ultimate Blood Shead and Gore trailer of Chainsaw man.

Chiansaw man Official Trailer

Chainsaw man Hype.

The Hype is real.

Chainsaw man reddit

Plot of Story? Spoiler warning.

The Story set on Denji, who trapped in poverty because of his father deeds. His Father died without paying the huge amount of debt taken from gangster (yakuza) beacuse of this Denji have to took the responsibility, to pay the unpaid debt of his father or else he might get killed by the ganster’s. So, In order to pay his debt, Denji deals with a demon Pochita who’s appearcance was like a dog. Grants Denji a power through which he can turn any body part of his into chainsaw. With the help of this power Denji becomes a devil hunter and become a Member of self destructive Devil Hunter group. Where he meet other member name as Power, the Blood Fiend, and Aki Hayakawa. I don’t won’t to spoil it for you any more we will stop here.

Chainsaw man Main Characters



A young man with scruffy blond hair, sharp yellowish-brown eyes with bags underneath, and sharp teeth. As a young boy, he inherits his father’s debt from the yakuza upon his father’s death. After meeting the Chainsaw Devil Pochita, he becomes a Devil Hunter in an attempt to clear his debt. The yakuza kill him, and Pochita becomes his heart, setting a contract with Denji, who is to live his dreams of a normal life. After this, he can transform into the devil-human hybrid known as Chainsaw Man by pulling the cord on his chest.


The Blood Fiend and a Public Safety Devil Hunter in Makima’s squad. Power looks like a young woman with long hair; as a Fiend, she has short red horns protruding from her head. Power loves violence and is childish, greedy, almost entirely self-motivated, and willing to harm others for her own satisfaction. Power loves her cat, Meowy, at one point willing to sacrifice Denji’s life to save him. She comes to care deeply for Denji and Aki, her first true friends. She is killed by Makima in front of Denji, to break Denji’s spirit.



A mysterious woman serving as the head of Public Safety Division 4, who takes Denji as her human pet. Makima is cunning, intelligent and manipulative, controlling Denji by taking advantage of his attraction to her with promises of a relationship, while threatening him with extermination in case of disobedience. 

Aki Hayakawa


A Public Safety Devil Hunter working under Makima’s squad. He has a contract with the Fox Devil and Curse Devil, allowing him to summon the former’s head and use a lethal spike in exchange for his lifespan. He later makes a contract with the Future Devil, allowing him to see a few seconds into the future. Aki is stoic, mature and dependable, but has a soft center when alone. He grows to greatly care about Denji and Power, despite clashing with them. He is killed during a fight between Makima and the Gun Devil, and becomes the Gun Fiend, which Denji is forced to kill.

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