Hunter x Hunter like Top 5 Anime

Hunter x Hunter masterpiece shounan .

Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece shounan anime. What are your expectation from a good anime memorable characters, fantastic story arcs, deep world building, you will find all of these in Hunter x Hunter. So if you are a hardcore fan of Hunter X Hunter and tasted the blood of this masterpiece, So you must explore these Top 5 anime to consume some more content like these.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist

So let sail our ship with No 5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Story of two young boys went on a hunt of Philosopher’s Stone, which will help them to bring their mother back to life. But Say it they’re misfortune or bad luck, their mother suffers from a cureless disease which can’t be cured. This will make you shed your tears. Its a story of love and sacrifice. Two brothers who use alchemy take some serious steps to use magic to cure their mother, but by doing so they also start to lose their body. So go and check out this anime, you will not be disappointed.

4. Dororo.


Be Ready to go on an emotional roller coaster ride with our No 4 Anime Dororo. A Story of a prince born without limbs, eyes and skins. This series is so much dark that you will not stop your self to sobbing while watching this. A beautiful story written in a lovely manner, you will feel every second of the show. This story focuses on two character and believe you will be touched by both of their stories.


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3. One-Punch Man

One punch man

Now let’s come out of serious tone and dive into comedy genre with our Top 3rd anime, One Punch Man. This is the anime which challenged all the gym/fitness freak to do the 100-day challenge. Saitama aka One punch man, the overpowered protagonist who finish his opponent with just one punch. But Saitama is not happy with this, he is not exporing that fun for which he become a superhero.

2. Dr. Stone

Dr Stone
Dr. Stone

The story starts in a post Apocalypse where all humans mysterious turned into Stone. Dr. Stone Focuses on Senku and his friends, their life has now been completely changed after this strange phenomenon. And after 1000 of year when Senku wakes up he find him self in the era of stone age. I mean literally everything is in stone now so what do you expect.

1. Ousama Ranking

Ousama Ranking
Ousama Ranking

It might look like a simple light fun type anime, but it has true entertainment material like politics, Betrayal, Dark past and all the other thriller elements you need to enjoy a show. So now let us begin with our Top 1 list of anime Ousama Ranking. A Story of dumb and deaf prince who dreams to be just like his father, become a greatest king but due to his weak appearance and deaf dump personality no one takes him seriously.Will he proof them wrong and what kind of politics is going on for that you must watch this series

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