One Piece most loved Character

One Piece is one of the best anime which has been given to anime lovers. Every anime geek loves it and has respect for its protagonist and as well as antagonist. One Piece has created a separate fan base amongst the anime community. You will find most of this on the internet but let me make it easier for you.

So here we will see which character is the best of all time and loved character till today. So, put on your glasses and let’s start our list.

Roronoa Zoro.

Vice-Captain of The Straw hat pirate also known as Pirate Hunter. Zoro is one of the Crew members of Straw hat who not only believes in his Captain’s Dream but trains himself as well to make it real for Luffy. The most faithful friend of Luffy has proven so many times that he will go beyond his limits to make his friend’s dream come true, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a dream. Being the Greatest Swordman is the dream of ZORO, and his training and dedication will take him to the next level.

Portgas D. Ace

Fire Fist Ace former member of the whitebeard crew is one of the most loved characters. He earned our respect (Spoiler alert) when he sacrificed his life to save Luffy. Ace was the big brother of Luffy who trained himself and as well as Luffy for becoming the greatest pirate. There is one more Character, but we will talk about it in some other blog.

Monkey D. Garp

Grandpa Grap is the Marin vice admiral. Grandpa is the biological grandfather of Luffy, and he also raised Ace with himself. He wanted to make Luffy, and Ace to be a Marine like him. Grandpa went antagonized when Ace was killed by Akainu. He might had killed Akainu if Sengoku didn’t stop him. He loved both so much, but he puts his duty first upon family which makes him a respected character. 


The Red hair Pirate has been the most popular in the series and many fans are waiting for him and Luffy to meet again somewhere. This is the most awaited meetup everyone is eagerly waiting. Shanks was the reason behind how Luffy got his power. Shanks scarified his arm to save Luffy. Shanks is the inspiration for Luffy who gave him a dream to discover the sea.


It would be too cruel if I didn’t mention the Cat Burglar Nami San. Nami San is the navigator of Straw hat Pirates. She is a thief who has stolen so many hearts of anime watchers. She has made so much progress over time being a character without any power to being powerful character who can handle most by herself. She is also known as the financial manager of Straw Hat. If she is not there, they might not be able to manage their financial needs. She always loves gold and money the most.

Now we have come to an end, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t many loved characters of One Piece. We will discuss them in any other blog. If you have any other Character will could be in this blog, please mention it in the comment below.

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