Romantic anime, you must watch in 2022.

Anime has gone to a new. Setting new expectation for all anime lover. When it comes to romantic anime, most of the series or movies are just bad to express love. Either a character teases other character or the maker just make it like an ecchi anime.

The real Romantic anime not set limited to these things, but it went way more far from these cheap tricks. Today, I am going to discuss the best romantic anime, which doesn’t contain cheap tricks to grab your attention.

These animes are filled with heart-warming moments and blessed scene written with such style that you wouldn’t want to miss any part, any moment of it. So, Without wasting any moment, let’s begin our list.

Ore Monogatari (My Love Story).

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Ore Monogatari ! Is a story of boy and girl but not just an ordinary couple it is like a beauty and beast kind of thing but instead of beastly nature our protagonist has beastly physic and on other side, A sweet girl with beauty out of world.

My Love Story is set on a story of two friends named as Takeo Gouda, an non ordinary school teenager be friended with Makoto Sunakawa a handsome boy with charming personality, his magic has taken over all the girls in the class, but his loyalty for his friend is unmeasurable. After being brilliant in study and charming, he never left his friend’s side.

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One day one Takeo and Sunakawa were traveling in train for their school they see something suspicious. After further checking, they find out a molester is trying to take advantage of the situation, and he was miss behaving with a girl and that girl was none other than Rinko Yamato. Takeo instantly took the situation in his hand and give a good taste of his heavy punch to the molester and saves the girl.

Yamato was in tear when Takeo same him from that incident, and Takeo didn’t knew that he has made a special place in Yamato’s heart. The story moves further, and this trio explores more and more in the series. This series will make a special place in your heart and change your thought’s about what true love is.


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Tenki no Ko (Weathering with You)

Tenki no Ko: A Movie Review – The Pine-Scented Chronicles
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Tenki no ko a story with really, wonderful story and with amazing visuals, but we are not here for only visuals. Visuals are secondary story is main and way of telling or expressing is one of the main key when expressing the something. Believe me, you will thank me after watching this masterpiece.

So here we have a boy named as Horaka Morishima a boy with a dream lands in Tokyo with full of hope and expectation to live a happy life. In search of job he goes from one place to another and doesn’t get any hope, but he has met someone on the ship Keisuke Suga, who offers him a job and a shelter to live. Morishima starts to live there and helps keisuke in his work.

Tenki No Ko (Weathering with You): The Story, Themes, and Music Revealed So  Far - GaijinPot
Source:- Tenki No Ko (Weathering with You): The Story, Themes, and Music Revealed So Far – GaijinPot

At this time Tokyo city is under heavy downpour. Where everyday is rainy day and everyone is living like this. And this rainfall is not some ordinary kind of rainfall but behind this some good reason are there which you will find through out the movie.

One day one Morishima was waking down past the street he saw a girl who is being manipulated. A shady man was trying to convince her to work for her ,but at main time Morishima saves her. Then our female lead come into the picture.

Hina Amano, is an orphan living with his little brother is also looking for job in this city to run her livelihood but didn’t find any decent job. Hina told him about her superpower that she can stop the weather, and they start to make a livelihood from it, but this power comes with a curse that only Hina knew. To find out more, you must watch these amazing movie available on Netflix.


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So in this list I am suggesting you only two anime which is my personal favorite. Go Watch it, if you like it, leave a comment and I will share more of the suggestion with you.

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