SPYxFamily Character you should know.

SPYxFamily A Lovely Family which hides secret.

SPYxFamily is a worth to watch anime which lives up to expectation. I love how three different character crosses each other path and become one happy and caring family. This family has everything you need, a caring mother, a responsible father and a curious and lovely daughter. It might seem to be a happy family.

Let’s start with SPYxFamily first member, Anya Forger.

SPYxFamily Anya Forger Animepundit.com

Anya Forger, daughter of Forger family, She is one of the main character of this family, who knows the true identity of her parents. And this little kido posses the power of Psychic/Telepathist (She can read someones mind). Her real identity is “Subject 007“, and you might be wondering how she got this name. Orignally she was a human test subject known as “Subject 007” she got her power in a Human test lab, from where she escaped and started to live in Orphanages. Moving from one another in search of excitement and good family. She loves Spy anime and like thing which has “Secrets” and “missions“, which gives her excitement. In search of excitement she met Loid Forger a real Spy who came to adopt her for his secret mission.

Loid Forger SPYxFamily The DADDY

SPYxFamily Loid forger animepundit.com

Loid Forger, father of the Forger family. A man on a mission to make “World where children wouldn’t cry“, with codename “Moonlight“. Loid is a war orphan who lost his family in war and from there he decided to make the world a better place. He become a very skilled Spy who works for WISE, the intelligence agency from Westalis (the country on the western side of the border). He is currently working on mission to bring out the true nature of politician, named as Donovan Desmond to the world. For this mission he needs a fake family. So, he goes to an orphange where he met Anya Forger and in search to complete family he find Yor Briar.

Yor Forger SPYxFamily The MOMMY

SPYxFamily yor forger animepundit.com

Yor Forger, Mother of the Forger family. Women in her late 30s. She fakes her identity by working in Berlint City Hall as a Clerk. Her true Identity, A ruthless, skilled assassin, possess power to pierce a hole in a human skull and demolish a pumpkin with her bare hands with codename “Throne princess”.

She works for Garden, a secret Ostanian (the country on the eastern side the border) assassin group that works under the orders of the Ostanian shadow government.

Struggling to hide her true identity from the world. She has a younger brother named Yuri, who is a civil servant. Who wants her sister to get settled and lives a good life with a loving family. One day she met Loid Forger, who offers her to be his wife, and she finds this great opportunity to blend in as a normal married couple. Where she met Anya forger, and she accepts her as her own daughter.

This is how the forger family meet each other.

Anya Wants Excitement. Loid has a mission to complete. Yor need a family to blend in with her surrounding.

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