The Boys Episode 7 is full of roller coaster ride. Know Why?

The Boys Season 3 is best amongst the other season, It gave the fan’s most awaited Herogasm fantasy in live action in episode 6. But this doesn’t mean rest were not good.

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This Season is a hell of twist and turn. From introducing a new hero to giving one of the best fight scene 3 vs 1 (Homlander vs Hugie, Butcher, Solider boy) and the fan fantasy. Which takes us to supes private life, how they will be alone. Now From here we have Spoiler if you have not seen Season 7 be careful and proceed on your own risk.

How Solider boy was captured by Russian.

The Boys Explained: What Happened to Soldier Boy in Russia

So, Whatever we have told about How Russian captured Solider Boy was all a Lie. And why Solider boy was furious to kill his teammates? Season 7 has given us all thing served in a plate, and it was delicious, believe me.

So Solider boy was going out of control and no one was there if he goes on berserk. When Vought and Other member of Payback supes saw the situation going out of hand. Vought comes up with a plan. Gathering all members of payback to hunt down the leader.

Billy Butcher’s tagic past explained.

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Billy Butcher the C#nt who has been a badass through out all the series have a soft heart. What an amazing scene throught out the episode and explains why he hates his father and also blames him self for something he didn’t did.

Here we saw butcher goes into an endless sleep trauma when he went to find the Mindstrom. It was a hell storm for Butcher. Mindstorm puts Billly in his past, where we get to see the depth of Billy’s character. We saw billy’s brother Lenny. They were victim of domestic violence, but one day when Billy’s Principle caught him selling drugs and tries to contact his father, Billy beats him and run’s out from there and when their father get to know about this he Praises Billy and put him on Work due to which he had to go out of town but in all that Lenny was being torched mental and physical abuse by his father. Because of which he choose to end his life which gave trauma to Billy and hatred for his father.

Blue Hawk is Still alive.

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When Atrain went on full speed in herogasm party by grabbing Blue hawk by his leg. It looks like he almost killed BlueHawk by dragging him on the road by his leg. But in this episode we see, Atrain in hospital, Ashley next to him tells him how he saved Bluehawk from Solider boy and after doing so he had a heart attack, so they have removed his heart gave it to Bluehawk and put an artificial heart in him. Which is a cover up story as I think cause Ashley has done same thing for most off the supes and recently for Bluehawk.

Starlight finds out, side effect of Temp V.

Compound V24 (Temp V) explained: How does it work?

Hugie and Butcher were taking Temp V ( temp superhero drug). Which gave them 24 hrs of superpower exactly like their rivals. I mean Butcher can shoot laser from his eyes and this universe who shoots laser from his eyes… Homelander, Similarly we saw Hugie has teleportation power similar like Atrain. But this Temp V was on test and its side effect are as bad as we saw in The Boys Diabolical. Starlight finds out Temp V affect the brain of its user. And they will be killed if they take dose’s more than 3 or 5 times depends on users. It will be very weird seeing their head exploding as we saw in Diabolical.

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Maeve is Alive.

What Happened To Maeve In The Boys Season 3 Episode 5?

So In the Episode 5 Homelander took Maeve away from us. Most of the fan were afraid, that might be she is dead like Supersonic, but we saw her alive in episode 7 which was a big relief. Homelander showed his feeling about Maeve he wanted to have a family with her, but never had he didn’t kill her to make an up spring for himself. Who could carry the legacy of him to the future.

Soldier Boy Vs Homelander : Who Would Win ?

When Vought was planning to kill Solider boy or put him into a deep slumber. They had a plan, obviously how could they kill their superior hero without preserving his power. So when Solider boy was about to kill MindStorm. He gets to know why Vought and Payback was trying to kill him. Vought has successfully created a new and powerful Solider boy who could fly. The Homelander the offspring of Solider Boy. And at end Solider Boy Confirms all this to Homelander.

And this was a mind-blowing twist.

I didn’t see this coming.

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