What IF Yor Forger vs Loid Forger fights against each other

A Battle between a Spy and an Assassin.

A Man with a mission to make “World where no kid cry” and a Women with ultra-protective motherly instinct. What if both go into a fight, who do you think will win? So, let’s get into fan theory mode and discuss what will happen if both get into a fight.

Before Starting let me give a Brief about both character’s background.

Spy X Family

A Ruthless Assassin with an Immersive Power which can kill anyone in an instant. Yor Forger is a trained assassin who used to live with her younger brother. It doesn’t matter who is standing against him, she has been portrayed so power full in the serious that she can penetrate a human skull with her kunai and at one time when some bugler’s tries to kidnap Anya for an exchange of money she went on berserk beaten each member of Goans with her skills and devastated a whole pumpkin with her bare hands.

Yor Forger

On the other hand, A Skilled Intelligent Spy who always has backup for each action, a master in disguise. Even in the serious we have seen him in action as when as using his skills. In term of handling situation Loid has achieved extra ordinary level of skills. Far more in the show he proves that for mission success he can go through anything.

LOID Forger

Let’s get into the battle.

Forger Family

So far, we have seen, Yor is Skilled in killing anyone without any hesitation. She is so good in close combat, she has a mastery in every close combat weapon. She carries a set of weapons and poisoned darts, knife which helps her eliminate any opponent against her.

Loid Forger

Loid is good at sneak attacks, handling long range weapons like guns and snipers through which he can end any from long range. He can disguise himself as anyone, which is a plus point. Which helps him to get closer to his opponent and make a sneak attack.

But in comparison to strength Loid lacks strength and fighting skills in which Yor is super skilled in hand-to-hand combat Yor has a plus point. If we put this situation in machine combat like fighting in air with planes, or with guns Loid get point.

Now we can see it’s a tie, both characters dominate in their own field, Let’s put your thought in comment.

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